Revolutionary, new patent pending dynamic saddle tree system adjusts for perfect fit every horse every time, guaranteed.

Even if you only have one horse, you have to fit several different back shapes.  Notice the difference in the horse's back above as it changes gaits.​  

We all know what a saddle does for the rider, it helps keep the horse between you and the ground. However, your horse has a different perspective.  If he could talk he'd tell you what's important to him is a saddle that:

  • Distributes the riders weight evenly reducing the PSI to a comfortable level.
  • Moves the pressure from his spine and redistributes it equally over his ribcage.
  • Provides freedom of movement especially in his shoulders and hips.
  • Fits well not just when he's standing, but as he moves.

Our dynamic system is designed to meet all these needs. It self adjusts to fit the individual horse, regardless of shape or size, narrow to wide backs, high or low withers, perfect conformation or asymmetrical, one saddle perfect fit every time.  No more tack rooms full of saddles that don't fit,  no more guess work, just ONE saddle that actually WORKS for both you and your horse.​

Watch the Evolution Saddle in Action

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Which back do you fit?

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The Next Generation of Fit

Evolution Saddles LLC

Our Test Ride Guarantee: We've all heard the saddle fit claims before, but at Evolution Saddles we are so sure you'll love your saddle we offer a ride guarantee. No one should be stuck with a saddle that doesn't work for both them and their horse. We're offering a 14 day trial ride period. Get your new saddle, ride it and If you (and your horse) don't love it, send it back (in original condition) it's as simple as that. All you pay is shipping.