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Evolution Saddles help gaited and non-gaited horses move more freely, by opening their shoulders, eliminating pressure points and preventing bar impact.

First let's address the most commonly fallacy about saddle fit and gaited horses. Gaited horses are NOT harder to fit than non-gaited. Gaited horses can tell you more clearly that their saddle doesn't fit by changing the way that they move. Bad saddle fit causes a horse to raise its head, hollow its back, shorten its break over and lose rear end impulsion. It effects gaited and non-gaited horses the same, the only difference is that non-gaited owners aren't as likely to notice the change. Gaited owners tend to be more aware as their horses stop performing their naturally smooth gaits when forced into that frame. While we're on the subject, there's no such thing as a "gaited saddle" either the saddle fits the horse or it doesn't. There's just as much variation in the size and shape of gaited horses backs as there is in non-gaited, one bar pattern will not fit them all.