Flex (Panel or Tree)

Can't distribute weight evenly.


Can't distribute weight and concentrates pressure on the horse's spine.

Every saddle system on the market has inherent problems. Our new system combines the best properties of a rigid tree (equal weight distribution) with the best properties of a treeless (no hard bar contact).  The 2 systems work together to give your horse unparalleled comfort and freedom of movement. 

Saddle Pads

Why pads are not the answer.

Rigid Tree

Is the only system that can equally distribute weight, but is hard to fit.

Here's why they fail.

The confusion about saddle fit has spawned a booming saddle pad market.   Contrary to their advertising claims, pads can't fix fit, because they can't change the shape of the tree.  You cannot equally distribute weight over a non-rigid surface.  It's a simple rule of physics.  The relationship between saddles and pads are very similar to shoes and socks.  Socks can't change the shape of your shoes and pads can't change the shape of your saddle tree.  If your shoes are too small adding socks will only create more pressure.  If your shoes are too big socks won't help either.  The only time socks or pads are effective is if your shoes/saddle is slightly too wide.  There are no magic socks that will make all shoes fit and no magic pads that can make all saddles fit either.

Why conventional systems don't work.

The Next Generation of Fit

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