"And you can't see the saddle much there, but you can see my happy mule!!" 

                                                                                                      Amy B.

" The saddle arrived and Ed started using it.  Cora's big trot came back.  She drove from her hind end, she dropped her head, she was happy and it showed.  These war all the words that Ed told me.  He couldn't believe the difference!  He was sold!!!   Then we switched and it was my turn to ride the new saddle.  Ed was extremely grumpy our first ride out  (he was in his old saddle).  He could tell immediately that Cora was displeased and not happy!  We rode several days and this is when I found out that I LOVED this saddle.  I have had pain for quite a few years, my hip, pelvic, back has been so painful that I can hardly walk when I dismount, but after riding this saddle I was able to get off and actually walk straight!!!  There has been times in the past could of years that Ed has ridden without me because of my pain issues.  I just kept chalking it up with getting old!  I had gotten to the point that I dreaded riding because of the pain.  I found that my pain was actually "relieved" after riding the Crosove.  Riding it actually "mended" my pain.  It carried back to my everyday life.  I was able to get out of bead easier!  I felt it to be almost a yoga type healing.  This is when I realized with watching all the videos and looking at the design that it actually "absorbs" shock within it's tree for the horse and the rider!!  All along we want to help the horse, but little did I realize that it was helping me!!  We helped design the Endurance saddle.  With happiness and admiration for Nancy the designer of the incredible saddle design for the HORSE and Rider.  We sold all our saddles, pad collection (to try to fix the saddle fit), girths (to try to fix the saddle fit), and tons of eXtra tack stuff to help us pay for the new saddles!!!!  EVERY horse and EVERY rider needs this saddle!"  

                                                                              Ed and Linda M.


"My riding career was almost over due to my bad back.  I could only ride a couple of hours before the pain became unbearable and I couldn't walk days.  I'm now back to riding 7 hours a day with no problem.  I didn't realize a saddle could make so much difference.  Plus my mule loves her new saddle and it fits her perfectly."

                                                                 James W.

"Fits the mules well and is very comfortable especially for people with physical problems."

                                     Max Bishop 

                                     Mule Clinician

"You just float while riding!  My horse horse loved the fit!"

​                                                          Penny C.

"My Paso Fino has terrible back problems due to past abuse.  He loves his Evolution saddle.  It allows him to move freely and gait beautifully.  The only problem is that he never wants to take it off!"

                                                               Kitty M. 

"I've been riding the Evolution saddle for several months.  This saddle has been on some very hard to fit horses.  It has been used on Arabs, QH's, TWH, MFT, Rocky Mtn, Appies, and a few I'm sure I'm leaving out.  The Evolution saddle has been a wonderful addition to the training barn.  Fits everything!  No need for expensive pads.  No saddle roll, haven't needed a breast collar.  Trail riding up and down hills it doesn't move.  If anyone has any questions on how it performs feel free to contact me.  Will be happy to answer any questions you may have."

                                     David Alexander

                                      Trainer/ Clinician

Take a moment to review our testimonials. We are committed to handcrafting saddles that exceed expectations for quality, fit and comfort.  A good saddle really can change your riding experience.   

"The first time I rode my new saddle, my husband's tractor backfired causing my horse to jump sideways and spin.  I stayed securely in my seat and didn't move.  Later in the ride I asked for a trot.  My horse usually raises her head, but today she kept her head level and went into a beautiful extended trot, something she was unable to do with my other saddle."

                                                         Margaret F.

"Received my Endurance model on Monday.  Test rode in it twice about a 1/4 of a mile.  Then went on an 8 mile ride on Sunday with a group of horses.  I did not ache in my usual places and amazingly enough I managed to ride my brat boy's little bucking episode, which happens on occasion when in competition with others.  I think  I would have hit the dirt if I was in my old treeless.  This saddle definitely absorbs the shock of the horses gait to the rider.  My knees even feel good the day after.  I am 60.  Highly recommend this saddle .  Once adjusted it fit my horse like a glove. " 

                                                                                                           Jody F.

Just wanted to let you know that both my new and I love the saddle.  It is so very comfortable and beautiful.  It's working great.  We love, love, love it.

                                                                                Debbi M.

(417) 848-1007

Here are some pictures of Duncan and I.  We both love our saddle!  Thank you!

                                                                             Linda T.

"Oh my gosh!  This is the most comfortable saddle I've ever ridden.  Let me tell you how much I love this saddle.  It fit's my horse perfectly.  But let me tell you about how much I love the seat."

                                                                         Lee B.

"Check out this PERFECTLY even sweat pattern with my Evolution Saddle!  SO happy with it!"

                                                               Jennifer C.

"More Evolution in action."

                                                                                              Amy B.

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