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Learn About Our Dynamic Design

We invented a dynamic tree system that eliminates guess work and adjust to fit every horse perfectly.   

One of the most frustrating things we as horse owners face is trying to find a saddle that fits the needs of both horse and rider.  There's a tack room full of saddles and none of them fit quite right.  

Our System combines the shock absorbing properties of memory foam with the weight distribution abilities that can only be found in a ridge tree.  By combining these two systems we achieved a saddle tree that equally distributes weight and eliminates pressure points.  The bars of the tree are completely wrapped in foam eliminating hard surface contact with your horses back.   Foam is a great shock absorber and it conforms beautifully, but it can't distribute weight and it collapses at about .8 PSI.  We adjusted the density and thickness of our foam base to allow our system to equally support the specially designed rigid tree.  The equal support allows our tree to utilize the entire bar surface of 176 inches reducing the PSI on your horse to 1.1 PSI under a 200 lbs weight load.  The foam continually adjusts its shape to accommodate your horses muscular and skeletal movement  changes, making the saddle comfortable at all gaits.

People have asked if they could achieve the same results with a foam pad.  The answer is "No", for two reasons.  First, ours uses a specially designed tree shape made to work with the foam.  Pads are limited by the shape of your tree.  Second, we use a thicker foam of a specific density.  Pads are typically thickness of 2 inches or less which means their collapse pressure would be 1.8 PSI, pressure points on saddles are usually over 10 PSI causing the pads to collapse and fail.

For the rider's comfort

Our system not only makes your horse happier it makes you happier rider.  Saddle makers have concentrated on seat padding to make riders comfortable.  While padding is helpful, it's only minimally effective in addressing shock which is the underlying cause of rider fatigue and pain.   A couple inches of foam or gel can't absorb the energy created by the movement of the horse.  When your horse steps the force of the impact travels up through its body and into the rider.  The faster the gait the more energy is created the more shock is generated, which is why there's more bounce at the trot than the walk.  Our system puts the most effective shock absorbing foam on the market between you and your horse, not just an inch or two in the seat, but several inches covering the entire bar.  By absorbing shock, our system greatly reduces rider pain and fatigue.  

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